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Back once again

2013-08-14 12:15:41 by raretools

Im back again with an other nice loop for ya that you can play for as long as you like.

If you want me to make custom soundtracks for your game or flashmovie just send me a PM or try adding me on skype.

more to come so stay tuned


Old new songs.

2012-07-24 16:40:00 by raretools

A year ago I worked on a computergame under the codename 'UMBRA' wich was showcased at GGC (Gotland Game Conference) in Sweden

I did the music aswell as the sound fx. I'm now uploading the OST here for you to enjoy.

About this Album:
This is mostly short and easy loops for background music in the game.

If you like what you hear, I'm very Interested in making custom soundtracks for YOUR games.

PM me.

All songs:

Old new songs.

Otherworld is back!

2011-01-10 16:50:21 by raretools

Im back with a new song /390333

Check it out and post your comment

Mental Issues

2008-12-17 15:36:50 by raretools

Yo. we are moving over All Mental Issues related music to this account

Endless will be there aswell as our NEW song, releasing today

More music from otherworld, coming soon aswell

Mental 1ssues

2008-11-12 13:57:27 by raretools

Rare Tools Media now presents it's 2nd release: Mental 1ssues. The band consists of 5 members including myself (Otherworld). There are big plans for an upcoming album aswel as a website.

I will keep posting new music from Otherworld aswel as Mental 1ssues so stay tuned ;)

Listen to it here Mental 1ssues - Endless

Mental 1ssues

Where am i?

2008-05-22 18:46:18 by raretools

The reason why im not so active on NG atm is that im working on my new website ;)
More music will come in time.

Where am i?

Klada Hestar

2008-04-18 12:39:29 by raretools

Klada Hestar :D thats all i have to say today

New song

2008-03-17 16:52:18 by raretools

Hmm 4 tracks out of 30 done. I should be on track 6 by now but fear not ^^ everything is not going exacly as planned so there is no need to be concerned about stuff we dont know :P

Or something...

Anyways hope you like my latest track, Enjoy ;)

New song

A new opportunity

2008-03-08 19:18:57 by raretools

I filled in a job application for an amusementpark called Gröna Lund and i have gotten pretty far in their selection progress. Im now waiting for their final response wich im supposed to get before friday 22nd. I hope i get the job :D i can allready feel the inspiration flowing.

Oh yeah and there are more music coming ;) dont worry ^^

A new opportunity

I need a better job...

2008-02-29 11:09:31 by raretools

We had a week of from school, and ofc that means i gotta work my ass of instead to get some cash. So what do i do for work?
Ever wonderd where doorhandles come from? well they come from china and gets shipped to sweden and then some dude puts it on a paper sheet and shuvs it into a machine who puts plastic on it.
Ever wonderd who that guy is? well thats me :P I tell ya packing roughly 800 doorhandles a day would make anyone tierd, same stuff all the time over and over and over and over again. But hey whos complaining, i get cash out of it right? The only thing that bothers me is that when i get home there is only enough time to go to sleep and then repeat the process the next day again.
No time for what i REALLY wanna do.

I need a better job...

Well anyways the weekend comes and saves me once again, Im gonna take some time to read all reviews and respond, but first i will get something to eat.